“The Elevated need not waste words on the Doomed.”

Grandiron is eight feet tall, with wide-girthed limbs. He is covered in Steel Plate and he carries a mighty dire flail in his main hand, and the Flag of Galerius is in his off hand. He wears a metallic mask resembling a human face. When he speaks his words are deep and metallic, and it seems that he does not have a mouth beneath his mask. Grandiron claims to be a member of the “Elevated” but thus far the meaning of this term is unknown.

He was first spotted at Haeger’s Keep, where he led a force of Herald soldiers and Lebonet mercenaries in taking the castle. Prior to this, he had apparently ambushed the Vindicator’s 3rd Chapter Standard Company, the most decorated unit in the 3rd Chapter. He took from them the Flag of Galerius, a relic from the founding of the Vindicator Order more than 800 years earlier. It is not known if he participated in the subsequent Battle of Ashmar.

Grandiron was later seen in the Selahinian capital of Madena, where he lived somewhere in the city. While Herald priestesses seemed to be the public face of the organization in Madena, Grandiron preferred to be out of common sight, possible due to his ghastly visage.


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