High Bishop


The reigning High Bishop of the Temple Authority was named Lebeli Tarjurat before his coronation in 1968 EA. He is a High Elf born in Theonis and has been active in the clergy for hundreds of years.

While it is the norm for the High Bishop to be clad in fanciful and exotic garments, his holiness has recently taken to wearing simple monk’s robes, and his teachings have taken a solemn, fundamentalist tone.

He is the leader of the Conclave, and he strongly urges his subordinates to embrace faith as the means for saving the Descendants. He believes the Heralds of the Great Leveler were put on Amuron as the ultimate test for the Descendants by the Overgod, and that absolution for the sins of all Descendants ancestors will be attained once the Heralds are completely eradicated.

High Bishop

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