The Amurite Descendant races worship the Saints, mortals who performed great deeds in life and who serve as examples to others, though they espouse varying philosophies and codes of behavior. The holy book to which all of the faithful adhere to is the Sacred Edification.

Here’s a list of some of the saints who may be important in the campaign, though there are dozens more recognized by the Temple Authority. Deities from the Pathfinder Books will still be available, but only in terms of their domains. The backstory and name of the Pathfinder deity may be changed to better suit the world.

Lawful Good Lorranz the Martyr
Lorranz was an Amurite General who performed a miracle at the Battle of Kraffen Hill, one of the bloodiest engagements against the vile Saurians. On the morning of the third day of the battle after two days of deat, Lorranz was spoken to by the Overgod and told to enter the camp of the Saurian Warlord unarmed. Lorranz spoke to his soldiers and told them not to follow him or intervene, and then traveled towards the enemy line. While the Saurians launched volleys of arrows at him, they all missed, and the Saurians allowed him to enter out of curiosity. The Warlord saw this happen, and so he approached Lorranz and beheaded him. His soldiers, who watched from their camp, became enraged and slaughtered the entire Saurian army. For his cunning strategies, selfless sacrifice and unquestioning obedience to the Overgod, Lorranz was canonized. He is the Patron Saint of knights and holy warriors.
Domains: Charm, Glory, Good, Law, Nobility, Strength, War

Neutral Good Daenita the Redeemer
Daenita became a saint for her preachings to the brigands of Kalmar Isle. She was a human the bishop of a Theonis cathedral before being kidnapped and held for ransom by the Kalmar Brothers, a group of reckless bandits who committed numerous atrocities against the peoples on the mainland. Daenita gradually convinced her captors to let her preach to the bandits. Her sermons warned them of the judgments dealt by the Overgod to those who raped and murdered innocents, and that the only way to redeem themselves was a life of harsh penitence and strict observance of the Temple’s teachings. Many of the bandits renounced their sinful ways, but Daenita died of sickness on the island. The Kalmar Brothers, now calling themselves “the Redeemed” constructed chapels and preached to brigands all over Amuron. She was canonized as the Patron Saint of diplomats, chaste women, clergy and reformed criminals.
Domains: Community, Good, Healing, Luck, Sun, Water

Chaotic Good Berglen the Watcher
Berglen was a dwarf servant to Ikelanos, a government tax collector who fleeced the peasants by tricking them into paying “fortune tithes”, which he promised would guarantee them good luck in their everyday lives. When Berglen was sent by his master to a church in a neighboring town, he spoke with the priest there, who told him that fortune tithes were illegitimate, only clergy could pronounce good fortune. Berglen returned home, gathered evidence of Ikelanos’s wrongdoing and spoke with his liege-lord, Baronet Hermales, who ordered that Berglen be beaten and put in stocks for accusing his own tax collector of fradulence. When some peasants came to berate Berglen, he told them that Baron Hermales and Ikelanos were generating revenue through unlawful and heretical means. The peasants freed him, and they marched towards Ikelanos’s house and ran him out of town. Baron Hermales sent out his knights, who slaughtered the peasants and Berglen. When the king discovered this, he ordered that Baron Hermales’s estate be taken away and given to the Church and the people, both of whom had been wronged by his injustice. Berglen was canonized as the Patron Saint of halflings, the poor and the infirm. In recent times, he is also associated with revolutionaries and republicans.
Domains: Chaos, Good, Liberation, Luck

Lawful Neutral Kidar the Commemorator
Kidar was an elven archer in the Amurite army. His force traveled to an area in Northern Amuron, seeking the necromancer Grielan who had defiled the land by creating an army of undead. When the army reached Grielan’s fortress, the necromancer pronounced death on all of the soldiers, and they abruptly fell dead, leaving only followers and priests. Much to the surprise of the followers, Kidar stood up, grabbed his bow and shot Grielan through his heart, slaying him. Kidar then wept for his comrades who lay dead, and refused to return home until the soldiers were buried and a shrine was built to memorialize them. Kidar and the followers built the shrine, and then returned home, with Kidar deciding to stay behind with the soldiers he had loved. He was the first non-Amurite to be canonized, and is the Patron Saint of soldiers, archers, pilgrims and grave diggers.
Domains: Death, Glory, Law, Protection, Repose, Travel, War

Neutral Sophenia the Architect
Sophenia was an Amurite architect living in Theonis. She constructed buildings with secular purposes, such as bathhouses and theaters, basing her designs off of the natural world. One day, she walked to an inland body of water, intent on planning an aqueduct that would connect it to the city, when she saw a vision in the water. A creature of the river walked out of the water and spoke to her, using the voice of the Overgod. The Overgod told her to construct a great ziggurat in Theonis, the largest building which had ever been constructed, but no human or any other Descendant would be allowed to construct it, or enter it. She convinced the King to allow her to build it, and so she constructed the pyramid structure, which seemed to be touching the Heavens themselves. She called the building the Pillar of Sanctity, because only those who were flawless and pure were allowed to worship in it. She then disappeared in the wild, never to be seen again. Some believe that Sophenia still lives somewhere in the wildlands, any many knights and pilgrims wander the wilds incessantly searching for her, believing that she will bestow her favor to those who speak with her. She is the patron saint of builders, scientists and artists.
Domains: Animals, Artifice, Earth, Knowledge, Plant.

Chaotic Neutral Victiana the Diviner
Victiana was a human farmer living in Selahin. She and her husband traveled west, away from the coast, when sea raiders had conquered the area. Along the way, a knight-captain named Sir Igrof saw her, and became entranced. When she told Sir Igrof that she was already married, Sir Igrof conscripted both of them, and together along with his company of soldiers they traveled east towards the raiders. Sir Igrof ordered that Victiana’s husband charge toward the sea raiders in a suicidal first wave, but Victiana intervened, and a glowing aura appeared around her and the earth shook as she condemned Sir Igrof for his sins, and told him that if he did not die in battle that day, he would be doomed to hellfire. Sir Igrof was frightened of her visage, and so he charged the sea raiders where he was struck down and killed. She and her husband then traveled west on their original journey, with Igrof’s men too frightened to intervene. She was canonized as the Patron Saint of farmers, wives and pilgrims, but modern interpretations suggest that she was an illusionist, and so she is revered unofficially as the Patron Saint of magic by the magically inclined.
Domains: Air, Chaos, Charm, Community, Fire, Luck, Magic, Rune, Weather, Water

Lawful Evil Nylocan the Sovereign
Nylocan was the human King of Caldogar. His nation faced an internal crisis when the demon Girotz the Beguiler was summoned to Amuron by a cult of his followers. Girotz began to turn the nobles of the land against eachother, with neighbors at eachothers throats over the issue of worshiping Girotz. Nylocan and the Temple Authority in Theonis appealed to other Kingdoms to intervene with a massive coalition, but they refused citing a lack of seriousness to the threat. Fearful that Girotz could destroy all of Amuron, Nylocan forced them to intervene in a way that he knew would put his reign and kingdom in peril. He assembled lords from all over Amuron in his feasting hall, and then had the foreigners killed by his soldiers. The Kings of Amuron were furious, and they sent their armies to subdue Caldogar and end his reign. Girotz knew that Caldogar would be overrun, leaving him no place to hide, and so he left Amuron. Nylocan was captured and executed and Caldogar was left in ruins after the following war, but Amuron was saved from the Beguiler. For his sacrifice, the Temple canonized him as the Patron Saint of kings, nobles, demon hunters and flagellants.
Domains: Death, Evil, Glory, Law, Nobility, War

Neutral Evil Mylitte the Retaliator
Mylitte was a halfling porter living in the Wyrbluff city of Aresport. She was attending the church in the middle of the night when thieves entered and slaughtered the inhabitants, except for Mylitte who was in hiding. The thieves entered the reliquary and stole priceless church treasures. She methodically tracked down each of the thieves by threatening or harming their family and friends, and then slew the thieves. She then returned the relics to the Church, where they belonged. Prince Waladrian, the governor of Aresport, sent out agents to capture Mylitte, believing she was threatening his people indiscriminately. She was captured and placed in a dungeon pending her execution, when the bars on her jail door melted miraculously, allowing her to escape. She was canonized as the Patron Saint of coopers, trackers, bounty hunters, and halflings.
Domains: Community, Darkness, Evil, Luck, Trickery

Chaotic Evil Irastarch the Zealot
Irastarch was a half-orc veteran who returned to his remote village in Novenicum after twelve years of campaigning. He was shocked to learn that the temple he had prayed in for all his civilian life was now used as a brothel. In addition, gambling, magic and human sacrifice were all being done, due in part to the new lord of the village, an orc shaman named Lurnba. Irastarch spoke to the people and urged them to rise up and fight the occupiers, but they responded with apathy, saying that those capable of fighting have all been killed. Irastarch became engraged, and entered the temple, slaughtering everyone inside with his greataxe. Lurnba and his men came down to the temple, and tried to convert Irastarch to their religion. Irastarch killed Lurnba with a throwing axe, causing his men to enter the temple, which Irastarch then collapsed, killing him and all of the orc invaders. Irastarch is the only half-orc ever to have been canonized. He is the patron saint of half-orcs, fighters of the orcs, holy warriors and fanatics.
Domains: Chaos, Death, Destruction, Evil, Glory, Strength, War


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