The World After the Amurites

This is an excerpt from the Likus of Madena’s book, The Complete History of Amuron. Likus is a preeminent historian who’s version of world history is the most widely accepted amongst modern scholars.

For reasons unknown even to this day, the Amurites disappeared from Amuron. It is speculated that this occurred sometime between the years of -4 EA to 0 EA, because there are no known books or documents in existence from this time. Of further frustration, there are sparse documents from 0 EA to 31 EA, none of which have any mention of the Amurites, until the year 33 EA where a document only briefly mentions their absence.

Over time, the Grand Church of the Overgod was reestablished as the Temple Authority, and worship of the Overgod was replaced by worship of the Saints. While the Temple Authority maintains the right to canonize new Saints, no new Saints have been canonized in almost two thousand years.

The Amurite Empire shattered, and was replaced by dozens of successor nations, which have since coalesced into twelve large nations by modern times. Although the last few centuries have seen considerable improvements in all areas of scholarly knowledge, from the alchemical product of gunpowder to the wondrous science of astronomy, the modern world is still a mere shadow of the glory that was the Amurite Empire.

The World After the Amurites

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