Timeline of Events

This is a timeline of events in Amuron. The years are labeled with EA, meaning the Exodus of the Amurites, which is believed to have happened at 0 EA. Years listed – EA means that the date is measured in years prior to the Exodus.

-100,000 EA (approx): The world is created by the Overgod, including all of the animals, trees and rocks.

-4000 EA (approx): The Amurites arrive in the world, with the objective of imposing order on the Overgod’s creation.

-3500 EA (approx): By this time, all of the Amurite tribes, except for the Sixth, have failed the Overgod and thus were transformed into the Descendant races.

-3241 EA: The Sixth tribe founds the city of Theonis, and they preach to the humans.

-3057 EA: The Elven Schism occurs, and the two elven nations of Sestinia and Phasana are created, containing the High Elves and Wood Elves respectively.

-2932 EA: Lorranz the Martyr becomes the first Saint to be canonized.

-2730 EA: It is declared that the Saurian Wars are officially over, with the Saurians now isolated to the desert.

-2498 EA: Sophenia the Architect finishes construction on the Pillar of Sanctity, and is declared a Saint.

-1641 EA: Kidar the Commemorator, an elf, becomes the first Amurite Descendant to be canonized as a Saint.

-210 EA: Daenita the Redeemer is the last Saint to be canonized before the Exodus.

-4 EA to 0 EA: Despite following a century of unparalleled prosperity, the Amurites inexplicably disappear during this time, and there are no written records between these years.

0 EA: The first living document in four years was dated to this year, now called the “Exodus Note”. It informs a Dwarven man that his child has died of sickness while in an apprenticeship. The note was discovered in 341 EA.

0-34 EA: Decreasingly sparse documents come from this time, until it is mentioned in a scholarly work that the Amurites have mysteriously vanished.

56 EA: The Grand Church of the Overgod is officially replaced by the Sovereign Temple Authority of Theonis.

68-201 EA: Many Saints are canonized during this era, increasing their numbers tenfold. Nylocan the Sovereign is the last Saint to be canonized, in the year 201.

107 EA: The Kingdom of Caldogar is founded, the oldest human nation still in existence.

395 EA: The Lompstone Confederacy is founded as the largest Dwarven nation in Amuron.

767 EA: The Kingdom of Aldros is founded, freeing itself from Novenicum rule.

1154 EA: A victorious general named Idalharn from the Kingdom of Lebonet returns home from his campaigns in Eshnar and Sauros. He claims he was destined to succeed by the will of the Overgod.

1155 EA: Idalharn successfully takes over the Lebonet Kingdom and his army invades Selahin, which is conquered in eight months.

1156 EA: Idalharn invades Novenicum, he claims to be the Messiah, or the Overgod made flesh. The Temple Authority denounces Idalharn.

1157 EA: Idalharn besieges the city of Theonis, but is assassinated by some of his officers when they become aware he is a mere mortal. The Temple Authority awards these men land, and the army disbands.

1160 EA: Galerius, the leader of the officers who betrayed Idalharn, is contracted by the Temple Authority to create a knighthood order. Galerius names it “The Adherent Order of Vindicators for the Messianic Revelation.” Their task is to kill False Messiahs before they can become a threat to Amuron.

1393 EA: The Great Selahin Plutarchy is founded by a council of merchants and scholars. It gradually takes over the entire government of Selahin over the next two decades.

1708 EA: After decades of study and review, the Temple Authority declares that arcane magic is “not inherently evil or heretical.” Magical colleges are created to educate magic users, who previously studied in secrecy. Magic users are still largely mistrusted in society due to fear and misunderstandings about the origin of arcane power.

1841 EA: The Novenicum Empire undergoes a bloodless revolution by the nation’s nobility after the Imperator attempted to raise taxes on the aristocrats to fund his wars. The new Imperator Leegan I is challenged by seven other claimants to the throne, each of whom creates bandit nations in the countryside of Novenicum, preventing the nation from exercising proper authority.

1993-1996 EA: Zealous idealists from the nation of Selahin enter the nation of Lebonet, with the intent of overthrowing the weak monarchy and replacing it with a new style of representative rule, called a “republic.” The Republicans defeated the monarchists after three years of fighting, and they named the new nation “The Free Republic of Lebonet.”

1996 EA: Wyrbluff Islands, a former territory of the Lebonet Kingdom inhabited predominantly by Dwarves, becomes its own nation under King Barrigan the Indomitable, a pirate-lord who has limited control over his citizens. The Wyrbluff Pirates begin to raid the shores of Amuron with renewed vigor.

2009 EA: After nearly two centuries of civil war, Imperator Kentsillian does what all of his predecessors had failed to do. The seven dynasties which had claims to the throne are eradicated, leaving Novenicum as a solid and unified empire. A golden age begins in the country.

2017 EA: Hildaris assumes the throne of the Kingdom of Caldogar, with the agenda of ending the corruption which has pervaded his country’s government for centuries. He asks the Order of Peranthia to intervene. The Order executes many miscreants, but then sequesters King Hildaris to his castle. The Order now rules Caldogar, although Hildaris is still the ruler of the nation, in name only.

2026 EA: Freelanders from Lebonet conquer the Varlawn Province of the Kingdom of Aldros, ruling over it as an independent nation. A bloody conflict begins between the Republicans and the Monarchists in the region.

2027 EA: The Vindicator Order is destroyed at the Battle of Ashmar against the Heralds of the Great Leveler. Meanwhile, the war in Varlawn County escalates as the Novenican Empire sends 18,000 men to support it’s Aldrosian allies. Selahin announces that it has joined the Heralds of the Great Leveler.

2028 EA: Novenicum ends its involvement in Aldros and pulls its army from there. A Selahinian army of Heralds invades Aldros and begins a three-way conflict. Caldogar undergoes a revolution, decreasing the power of the ruling Peranthians.

2029 EA: The Heralds of the Great Leveler invade Novenicum and conquer the city of Theonis. Their new leader, Oxley, enters the Pillar of Sanctity, proving that the world had been doomed to destruction two thousand years ago. The Heralds of the Great Leveler begin a massive campaign to convert the populace, and save from the Overgod.

2034 EA: The Overgod destroys the people of Amuron with a plague of Locusts. Only the Heralds of the Great Leveler survive, with roughly 3 million people hidden underground.

Timeline of Events

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