Jesanth d' Artimiz


Name: Jesanth d’ Artimiz

Jesanth was born in Caldogar, a member of the household d’ Artimiz. Her parents were Arnaud and Nicole. Arnaud ran a shop crafting instruments, while Nicole worked serving the lady of a rich house. Not long after Jesanth’s fourth birthday, while working for the madam, Nicole became severely ill, and was unable to continue working. Her condition deteriorated, eventually leaving Arnaud to take care of their young daughter alone.

Jesanth’s life was not overtaken by loss however, as she found joy in the music of her father’s instruments. Taught to play from a young age, she started using her talents to entertain. Being an enterprising girl, she began on the street in front of her father’s shop, playing the penny whistle and pulling potential customer’s attentions. In time she learned the flute, playing in any establishment that would let her, and occasionally at the house where her mother had worked, entertaining visitors.

When she was about 12, she was playing at an out of the way establishment when she met a man who spoke of the glory days of Caldogar. He was fervently against the current rule by the Order of Peranthia. Jesanth’s young mind raced with insolent pride as she listened to the stories of the oppression of the ruling party, and the ideals of a revolutionary filled her with new purpose.

As a merchant, Jesanth’s father Arnaud was a sympathizer with the cause of the people, but he felt no need to cause an uprising. His business was muddling along, and he wanted no part of anything that could jeopardize his right to run the shop. Unaffected by the concessions one makes with age, Jesanth was furious that her father would not take up the cause. Although there was never a finite farewell, after several confrontations on the topic of her associations with the cause, the relationship between Jesanth and her father became distant. She continued to play, but her songs began to change, subtly filling the hearts and minds of men with the spirit of the revolution.

She was not there the day that the Society of Concerned Yeomen attempted to liberate themselves from under the Grandmaster during the parade, but the tales she was told of how nobly they tried, and how viciously they were pushed back, and beaten down, was written into a ballad she loves to play whenever the times look grim. After their defeat, Jesanth traveled around a bit and decided to join with the Vindicators, hoping to avoid persecution until the day where she could return home, and free her people from the hideous powers that suppressed them.

Jesanth d' Artimiz

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