Chaotic Good Wood Elf Ranger


At a demure 5’2 and 100 pounds the lithe and slender Lyra does not come across as much of a threat. Of course, most of the time she wears a long green cloak that hides the two long knives she carries on her person at all times, and her small size gives her the advantage of appearing fragile and many overlook her. With her pale skin, beautiful, platinum hair and large amber eyes she is quite lovely.


Born in the woodland realm of Phasana Lyra spent her early years traveling among the trees and learning the ways of the nature around her. It was during this time she carefully cultivated her love of the creatures who dwelt within her people’s borders, and came to understand the way of the Natural World. When in her childhood years she felt no such wanderlust that her sister felt when she left in Lyra’s infancy. But that would change over the years when her sister failed to return and Lyra began to wonder what had become of her. Knowing the history of her people she felt a strong desire to learn more of the world outside the forest and maybe have a few adventures, however her parents, not eager to loose another child to the outside world they forbade Lyra to leave the safety of the Forest, her home.

But still she walked to the edges of the Forest as she grew older, watching the changing outside world, slipping ever closer to the strange places humans lived. Eventually and certainly by chance a few elves who had left the Forest years before Lyra was born, returned. The stories they told cause her interest and captured her imagination. While her kin thought it strange, at the youthful age of 50, she set her feet in the direction of the Pillar of Sanctity, having heard of its splendor. It was there she learned of the Adherant Order of Vindicators, and felt their cause was a just one. While not generally willing to attach herself to any group, she felt this would be a new experience, and with the long life of a elf stretching before her what were a few years spent traveling with the humans? After some time she was permitted to enter their ranks and has been happy to fight along side them. Much to her surprise she found she enjoyed working with the Vindicators, and even formed a few hesitant friendships within the Order.

The others she travels with have earned her respect, and she would most willingly lay down her life to help them, but always there is the wanderlust and in time she may choose to leave and return to her home among the trees.


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