Lawful Neutral Human Summoner


Mathew was born into a clan of bandits living in the woods of Caldogar. Banditry at the time was easy if you stuck to the poorer travelers, the presence of the strong Animan Society ensured merchant caravans were heavily guarded. Mathew’s bandit clan was particularly ruthless and anyone they accosted was lucky for a quick death. While they did well for themselves the children of the clan still had to fight over the table scraps left behind by the adults. Mathew’s slight stature ensured he went to bed hungry. Things changed for the worst when his magical power manifest as a wave of light dazing the other children and allowing him first chance at a meal. The clan saw this as an opportunity to risk taking on bigger prey.

Using Mathews magic to befuddle caravan guards and cause distractions the bandits were able to accrue large sums of money and the clan ate well during this time. With the merchant caravans missing investigations were sparked and the bandits were eventually found out. To counter this the merchants set up an ambush in the form of a lightly guarded caravan full of arms men instead of merchandise.

During the ensuing fight Mathew was able to escape with a small pouch full of money and ran for the nearest city. Having only lived in the forest all his life Mathew wasn’t used to the city but was a quick learner and was able to adapt. Mathew was able to live off of the money for a while but soon needed to find another means to sustain himself. He was able to get a job at a stable cleaning out the pens. He spent a number of years working there, gaining enough money to live off of and even had a little extra to pay the stableman’s wife to teach him how to read and write at a remedial level. During his fourteenth year of life there came a whisper of a knighthood sweeping through the land destroying the corrupt merchants and their puppet Patriarch. Finding out more, they also raided every Magic College they came across killed them all in the most horrifying ways possible including burning them on stakes, burying them alive, and having them quartered. While not actively casting, Mathew’s powers do manifest from time to time so everyone in town knew he was a sorcerer. Deciding to flee he gathered his meager belongings and fled to the next country over, Novenicum. While Mathew didn’t actively practice religion during his time in Caldogar having to flee for his life twice in his short time living he wanted to reevaluate his presence on this planet so became more devout. Working in a number of Chapels also gave him the opportunity for him to learn of the different saints and eventually found a pull towards the Lawful Neutral Saint, Kidar the Commemorator, Patron Saint of Death. Devoting a good portion of his free time reading of Kidar he developed a kinship with his saint, making his motto “Nothing is certain in life but death” and vowed to live life to its fullest. Thinking of all of the people that had been killed during his young life, many because of him, he felt the pang of guilt and decided to make a pilgrimage to the Temple of Saints in the holy nation of Theonis to find a way to atone for his sins.

Making his way up to the Temple of Saints Mathew fell to his knees in awe at the architectural wonder of the whole building, rising after a few quite prayers he stands and proceeds into the Chapel. Listening to a number of the sermons and expanding his saintly studies he learns of the Adherent Order of Vindicators for the Messianic Revelation and their cause, to hunt down evil and slay it, whether it was a false prophet trying to unravel existence from stepping within the pillar of sanctity to killing trolls terrorizing innocent villagers when their country does nothing to help, it was then that he found his calling in a wondrous epiphany. It was Kidar himself who came to him and spoke of the wrongs that were soon going to take place and that the Vindicators would need his power to help fight the coming darkness. Looking down in disgust Mathew voiced his opposition to his innate power and how evil it was. The Elven Saint just smiled and said “There is nothing inherently good or evil about your power, its your power, direct it as you see fit”. With that the vision subsided and Mathew was left sitting in a pew, tears welling in his eyes as he he thought on what transpired. Slowly his thoughts went to his power, oh how he despised his power, it had caused him nothing but trouble since its manifesting. Though, after thinking on it for awhile he began to realize that maybe it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Had he not had the power he would probably still be with his bandit family, a bandit himself. He shivered in disgust at the prospect of him now, in that Overgod forsaken forest, thieving and murdering along with his family, no, the power wasn’t all that bad. Standing and squaring his shoulders in resolution he made his way purposefully towards the Vindicator Chapter house at the Chapel. There he signed up for teaching from and service to the Chapter.

Knowing right away Mathew was not cut out for soldiering the Vindicator’s teachers set him to learning worldly matters to better help the Order with diplomatic matters. While being taught laws and languages of the various countries Mathew worked to master his magical power. Starting with prestigious abilities like making objects light up and lifting them in the air he quickly graduated to being able to make rats the size of dogs and form neigh impenetrable walls of force. It was during this self teaching that he began slipping into into otherworldly planes as he slept. Projecting his image into these realms he began exploring the different planes and conversing with the different creatures living therein. While some where dangerous and threatened to devour his consciousness most were docile if not outright friendly. It was during these otherworldly travels that he came across the shadow plane, and one of its denizens Shar’dow. Shar’dow showed interest in such a strange creature traversing in its world and so confronted it. Both exchanged greetings and Mathew spoke at length to Shar’dow of his world and how it’s physics worked and in return Shar’dow spoke of his world and its inner machinations. Over the next few months at the academy Mathew kept in contact with Shar’dow, this contact eventually bloomed into a full friendship. This lead him to trying to find a way to pull a projection of Shar’dow from his world to this one and so poured over books on summoning and conjuration in secret. This study eventually culminated in Mathew finding a drastically different form of summoning, Soul Linking. Carefully inscribing a rune of linking on both himself and Shar’dow would allow Shar’dow to be brought to this plane at will bar a minute or two of rigorous concentration. After a few days of preparation he was finally ready to try out the summoning. Sitting cross-legged in the center of an empty barn Mathew closed his eyes and began concentrating on bringing Shar’dow to his plane. After about a minute a slight pop was heard and slight pop was heard and Mathew peeked out of one eye in front of himself, standing at his feet was a seven foot tall monster! Completely black with its only features being humanoid with long jagged claws, needle sharp teeth and faintly glowing white eyes it looks down at itself and its hands it looks at Mathew and says in a voice like acid dissolving flesh “Yessss, finally I am free to wreak havoc on this world, Muahahaha!” Finishing its maniacal laughter it breathes a sigh of contentment and looks down at Mathew’s fearfully pale face as he mumbles under his breath trying to unsummon his mistake. Chuckling slightly it crouches down to Mathew’s level face to face and says “Just kidding!” Popping back up to full height it starts laughing heartily, “Man Matty, you should have seen the look on your face, I really got you good!”. Getting over his initial shock Mathew stands as well and shoving Shar’dow a little says, “Shar you asshole! I thought I unleashed hell itself on this poor unsuspecting world”. With that and a laugh Mathew mastered the art of summoning his Eidolon and instructed Shar’dow on the intricacies on how his world worked. Being from a plane associated with deception Shar’dow quickly mastered the art of hiding his true nature so was able to walk among the populous with Mathew without much problem. Unbeknownst to Mathew, he had mastered a level of summoning few conjurers could even dream of. With his soul linked to Shar’dow’s he not only could summon a stronger projection of it but his ties to the shadow plane itself allows him to summon creatures from the it faster and for longer than has ever been heard of. Along with his mastery of his magic he also became adept at the scholarly knowledge and having easily learned the three major human languages and Archaic went on to learn Elvish, Dwarfish, and strangely orc.

Completing his studies a few days after his twenty-fourth birthday he was given his assignment for the time being by the headmaster of the Chapter. “Collect the taxes from these minor towns” he states as he throws him a scroll with the names of two dozen towns over all six human countries. “Uh, wouldn’t my knowledge be better served delegating volatile diplomatic situations?” Mathew asked incredulously. “Yes, it would, if you were just a normal scholar, but I know and have known for some time your a spell caster of some power.” states the Headmaster causing Mathew to flinch back. “Now, now” he continues holding up his hand, "There is nothing wrong with that, the Order employs a number of Wizards and sorcerers to further our cause. This statement causes Mathew to perk up and solidify his belief that the Order is a force of justice. “This is mostly just a test to see if you are ready for fieldwork, since I trust your loyalty to the cause I thought this test well suited to your certain skills. I know your fluent with all of the major languages so I figured you could use that knowledge to gather up the tithe this season.” the Headmaster finished smiling at Mathew. Never being given a duty of this magnitude to stood up straighter and in a pronounce voice an octave lower than normal stated, “Don’t worry Headmaster, your trust in me is well placed. I shall complete this task for you and return when I am worthy of important tasks.” As Mathew turns to leave the Headmaster sends him on his way with, “That’s good to hear, may the Overgod watch you on your travels, oh and Mathew, if I were to hear a young sorcerer was furthering the cause of the Vindicators I would not have a problem with it, as long as he did not announce such affiliation should people think the Order let loose headstrong youths to face dangers alone, stay safe.” With that Mathew left the office with a smile on his mug and a skip in his step.

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