Lawful Evil Human Wizard


Sharton Background


Sharton was born to a family known for it service to the The Adherent Order of Vindicators for the Messianic Revelation. Unlike the rest of his family Sharton never showed much of an ability in swordsmanship or riding. He was, to the consternation of his father, more adroit at mental pursuits than physical.

To find a place for him Sharton was sent off to live with his uncle in Caldogar. His uncle was a member of the merchant council that ran the government. Using his connections Sharton’s uncle enrolled him in prestigious arcane college. After graduating Sharton became a magistrate and traveled the countryside administering justice to the common people.

When the Order of Peranthia took over Caldogar Sharton and his uncle’s family fled to Sestinia to avoid the violence. En route the rest of the family was killed. In Peranthia he went under the assumed identity of a traveling scholar. Here he met Oxley and forged a friendship based on Sharton’s wishes to get closer to an “interesting” individual and Oxley’s rampant curiosity about Sharton’s “politics”.

Fearing reprisal he lived under an assumed name for 6 years before returning to Caldogar in disguise. Shortly after returning he engaged in subversive activity in an attempt to overthrow the newly established military dictatorship. He created the “Society of Concerned Yeomen” a counter revolutionary “freedom fighter” or “terrorist” group depending on whom is asked. Most famously the SCY unsuccessfully attempted to kill the Grandmaster of the Order of Peranthia during a military parade. Unfortunately the SCY was betrayed internally and Sharton fled the country fearing imminent execution following the failed assassination attempt.

Sharton returned to his family home nearly broke and pursued by the Order of Perenthia. Fortunately his real name was never given to any of the Order, as far as he is aware, but lives in constant fear of being found out. He has joined the Vindicators in an attempt to gather funds and hideout until the things calm down in Caldogar.


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